Betty lives in California with the sweetest dog ever, two white rats, and several gold fish. Her interests include reading, writing, making web pages, drawing, being with any animal, and insulting people who ask questions about Buttons. Actually I don't do that.

       Her job is to do most of the coding for the web pages and fill in for Naruko if there is a drawing deadline, (but there isn't one.) You can see some of her attempts at drawing. That's coming soon in Fun Stuff.

        Betty is as paranoid about humans in real life as in the comic. Just don't, I repeat don't, ask her to any social event. [Ask her!!!! She needs to get out more!!! And see if you can help us talk her into going to Disneyland with us!] <- RL wrote that.   She has many collections including: coins, stickers, gunk, magnets, CDs, stuff animals, beanie babies, random quotes, string too short to use, books, pennies, cute little knick-knacks, and toys! She's looking for "My Littlest Pet Shop" toys right now.